Research Results

Research reports will be posted here as we accomplish them!

In Spring 2016, in collaboration with our Grower Advisory Committee, we designed a high tunnel survey with the goals of 1) establishing baseline data on pest and nutrient management practices in Northern New England high tunnels, and 2) identifying grower priorities for educational resources. This survey was disseminated throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to over 1000 vegetable, berry, and greenhouse/ornamental producers. Of 110 survey respondents, 95 reported growing crops in high tunnels. The survey  covered 311 tunnels, covering an estimated 15.7 acres, throughout Northern New England. Results of the survey were summarized in Fall 2016.

In December 2016, we uploaded our first project report (year1) to the Northeast SARE database. This describes all of our year 1 activities, including preliminary research results. It’s available here.