The Project Team

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Becky Sideman, Extension Professor, University of New Hampshire, leads overall project, and coordinates NH education activities and research at UNH-Durham.

Margaret Skinner, Research Professor/Extension Entomologist, University of Vermont, leads the biocontrol part of the project and coordinate VT activities.

Mark Hutton, Extension Professor, University of Maine, coordinates ME research and outreach activities.

Heather Bryant, Extension Field Specialist, University of New Hampshire, coordinates research at UNH-North Haverhill, and coordinates NH education activities.

Bruce Hoskins, Assistant Scientist, University of Maine Analytical Lab, performs laboratory-based soil and plant analysis.

Eric Sideman, Organic Crop Specialist, Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association, coordinates the grower advisory group and collaborate on regional educational activities.

John Spargo, Director, Ag Analytical Services Lab, Pennsylvania State University, provides soil nutrient management expertise and guidance.

Carol Glenister, Biocontrol Specialist, Founder/President, IPM Laboratories, provides expertise on biological controls.

Our Grower advisory group provides guidance throughout the project:

  •          Jack Manix, Dummerston VT
  •          Mary Skovested, St. Johnsbury VT
  •          Pooh Sprague, Plainfield NH
  •          Tasha Dunning, New London NH
  •          Andrew Mefford, Cornville ME
  •          Brendan Hatch, New Castle ME

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